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The Coronation Roll
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Flower Decorations

Special flower arrangements decorated the theatre and Altar for the first time in the Abbey for the Coronation. The choice of flowers paid tribute to Their Majesties’ deep affection for the natural world and keen passion for gardening. Seasonal spring flowers from gardens, allotments and farmland across the countries of the United Kingdom were chosen, from the coast of Cornwall, the Isle of Skye, Snowdonia, and Tobermore in Northern Ireland. The flowers consisted of blooms from Flowers from the Farm, a non-profit association that champions artisan growers of cut flowers, with foliage from the Royal Horticultural Society at the High Altar.

There was a covered walkway leading to the Great West Door due to inclement weather conditions. At the Great West Door, a pair of tall yew topiaries were positioned, underplanted with a meadow of wild grasses and cowslips, primroses and violets. Around the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior were arranged spring flowers symbolic of remembrance, including sprigs of rosemary, bay for virtue, bluebells and forget-me-nots for constancy of love, daffodils for chivalry, cowslips, and lilac for memories of youth. In the Quire, two displays of seasonal flowers were positioned, on one side close to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and on the other side close to the former Prime Ministers. The colours were chosen to reflect the colours of the High Altar and Cosmati Pavements, and the Royal Robes. Flowers included hellebores, a particular favourite of His Majesty, which was included in his buttonhole for Their Majesties’ wedding. Also included were honeysuckle, tulips, ranunculus, blossom, jasmine, and aquilegia, an ancient symbol of the Holy Spirit, with foliage of rosemary, birch, bay and hazel, and wild broom grown on the Isle of Skye.

Above the Altar, flowers and foliage from five Royal Horticultural Society gardens were arranged over the top of the Altar screen, some taken from trees planted by Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His late Royal Highness Prince Philip.

The flowers for the coronation being arranged by Mr Shane Connolly and his team
Yui Mok/PA