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The Coronation Roll
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At The King’s direction based on advice from the UK Government, for his Coronation the congregation was to be drawn from individuals from across the United Kingdom representing the diversity of modern Britain, His Majesty’s Realms, the Commonwealth, and overseas. Guests were advised to attend in Full Ceremonial Day Dress with Medals and Decorations, and the day was classed as a collar day. Among those present were members of the public drawn from Their Majesties’ patronages, emergency, legal and front-line services (including those who had served during the COVID-19 pandemic), together with a number of recipients of the British Empire Medal.

Ahead of the processions, the Cabinet, the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and members of Opposition parties, former Prime Ministers and their spouses, The Speaker of the House of Commons and The Lord Speaker, Presiding Officers of the devolved assemblies and the First Ministers of the devolved administrations of the United Kingdom took their seats. Also in attendance were the Lieutenant Governors of the Crown Dependencies, and representatives of His Majesty’s Overseas Territories. Ahead of the Processions, Foreign and Commonwealth guests arrived via the East Cloister. A full list of all overseas guests and officials is attached to this Roll as an annex.

Realm leaders arrive as they prepare to take their places for the coronation ceremony of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey in London.
Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA