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The Coronation Roll
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The Arrangement and Decoration of the Abbey 

The Abbey had been decorated especially and arranged for the Coronation according to custom, with the construction of a theatre for the ceremony consisting of a raised platform covered in carpet of gold on the crossing of the Abbey between the Quire stalls and the edge of the Sacrarium, upon which the thrones of The King and The Queen were covered in red velvet. His Majesty’s throne was raised higher, as is customary. The throne chairs were made originally for the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II in 1937, and had been restored for this occasion by the Royal School of Needlework with a reappliqué of His Majesty’s Arms to his throne, and a new embroidery of Her Majesty’s Arms attached to her throne.

A carpet of Royal blue had been laid down for the approaches to the theatre including the route of the procession through the Quire, and the North and South Lanterns. Bordering the theatre on the North and South were low screens of carved wood, in front of the chairs of the principal guests. On the south side of the Sacrarium the Chairs of Estate and Faldstools for Their Majesties were arranged. These had been made originally for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His late Royal Highness Prince Philip for Her Coronation in 1953, and had been re-covered by the Royal School of Needlework with the Cyphers of The King and The Queen. Behind the Chairs of Estate were arranged items of Banqueting and Church Plate, kept normally in HM Tower of London as part of the Royal Collection. Opposite, across the Sacrarium, were seats for the clergy attending the ceremony, including the Archbishops, Bishops, and Chapter of Westminster Abbey. Behind the clergy were stands for the flags of His Majesty’s Realms, the standards of the quarterings of the Royal Arms, and the standard of the Arms of Wales, which were to be carried into the Abbey as part of the processions.

The Abbey decorated for the Coronation
Westminster Abbey