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The Coronation Roll
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King Charles III and Queen Camilla are carried in the Gold State Coach, pulled by eight Windsor Greys, in the Coronation Procession as they return to Buckingham Palace, London, following their coronation ceremony
© Owen Humphreys/PA

Gold State Coach

The Gold State Coach is the grandest coach at the Royal Mews (the home of the royal carriages). At 260 years old it has been used at every Coronation since William IV. Queen Elizabeth II used it to travel on her Coronation day in 1953 and it appeared again as part of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in celebration of her seventy-year reign.

The huge coach is 7 metres long, 3.6 metres tall, weighs 4 tonnes, and needs 8 horses to draw it. It features magnificent painted panels of Roman gods and goddesses, rich gilded sculptures including three cherubs on the roof representing England, Scotland, and Ireland, and four massive triton figures above each wheel.

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