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The Coronation Roll
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Sceptre with Cross and Sceptre with Dove

The Sceptre with Cross represents power and authority. The King holds it in a gloved hand to symbolise that his power must be exercised wisely.

The Sovereign’s Sceptre was made by the Royal goldsmith, Robert Vyner for the Coronation of Charles II in 1661 and has been used at every coronation since.

It includes includes the magnificent Cullinan I diamond, the largest colourless cut diamond in the world, mounted in 1911 by the Crown Jeweller, Garrard. The diamond is so large that the Sceptre had to be reinforced to take its weight.

The Sceptre with Dove represents the sovereign’s spiritual role, with the dove representing the Holy Ghost. Traditionally it has been known as ‘the Rod of Equity and Mercy.