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The Coronation Roll
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The Celebration of Communion

The celebration of the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, has always been a central part of the Coronation as the main act of worship in the Christian religion.

The great prayer of thanksgiving and consecration over the bread and wine is called the Eucharistic prayer (‘Eucharist’ is the New Testament word for ‘thanksgiving’). The central section of the prayer recalls the words of Jesus over the bread and wine at the Last Supper. The beginning of the prayer takes words used at the 1953 Coronation, and adds further words from the Bible which continue to emphasise the theme of loving service (Philippians 1.6). In order to receive Communion, Their Majesties retired behind the Altar to remove their Crowns. After the Communion, they retired once more behind the Altar to change into their Robes of Estate, and for The King to exchange St Edward’s Crown for the Imperial State Crown, ahead of their departure and the end of the Service.