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The Coronation Roll
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The Coronation glove used by The King, originally made for King George VI
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The Glove

The Coronation Glove is made for the Sovereign’s right hand and worn to hold the Sovereign’s Sceptre during the Crowning. His Majesty The King reused the Coronation Glove made for his grandfather, King George VI in 1937, in the interests of sustainability and efficiency. The Glove is made of white leather and the wrist is embroidered with gilt metal thread, wire and spangles in the form of national emblems including the Tudor Rose, thistle, shamrock, oak leaves and acorns. The back of the hand is embroidered with a ducal coronet in red velvet above the coat of arms of the family of the Dukes of Newcastle, who traditionally held the Claim to make the Glove at each Coronation in right of lands they posessed. The wrist is lined with red satin.