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The Coronation Roll
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Video: The Recognition

The recognition is an ancient element of the Coronation Service in which The King is recognised as the true Monarch. Each time that His Majesty is presented to the people, they are given the opportunity to respond shouting ‘God save King Charles’.

The King turns to each of the four points of the compass to be recognised with the recognition led by the Arcbishop, and representatives of senior orders of chivalry and valour. He is led to the East by the Archbishop of Canterbury; to the South by Lady Eilish Angiolini, a Lady of the Order of the Thistle (representing the olderst Order of Chivalry in Scotland); to the West by Christopher Finney, Chair of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association, and to the North, by Baroness Amos, a Lady of the Order of the Garter, the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry in the United Kingdom. At the end of each recognition, a fanfare was sounded.